Migs Blog: Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

June 27, 2016

Over the weekend was the NHL draft…I know, I know…you were all glued to the TV to watch it.  I was watching… as I knew of a couple fellas that might get drafted, and it was pretty damn cool to see their names called.

I have been fortunate enough to play hockey with some super talented people…I love playing with people that are better than me (which is pretty much everyone…except for that one guy that just learned to skate and play hockey last week), and I have played with guys that were once in the NHL…and some dudes that are on their way to be (hopefully) in the NHL.

So when I saw that the San Jose Sharks drafted a guy that is from Bonney Lake that I play hockey with quite a bit (whenever he is home), I was beyond excited for him! 

Congrats to Dylan, who is already kicking ass at the University of Denver.

Then on top of that, in the next round…the Colorado Avalanche picked up a solid player named Josh Anderson.

Josh is not from here, but he spends a lot of time in the NW as his friends are from here, so I have played hockey with him a few times too.

Congrats to both Dylan and Josh, and their families…as they have sacrificed many hours and many dollars to provide their kids this opportunity.  Regardless if they make it in the NHL, the facft that they are being recognized as one of the best in the world available in the draft.  That’s damn huge!