Migs Blog: HUGE Chicken!

March 21, 2017

It’s funny that I came across this story about a giant chicken, because while I was in Kauai Hawaii last week…I was amazed by how many chickens and roosters were walking around.  Seriously… I was even warned by my bud before we went to that island that we will see a lot of chickens…but I never expected to see them EVERYWHERE!

I bring this up because there is a chicken that is making people on the internet freak out…and understandably so!  Have you seen the giant video of the chicken?  If not…check this out!

Many have assumed that it’s fake…some think it was a person in a chicken suit, others thought it was another animal dressed up as a chicken, and others thought that it was some type of camera trickery.  OK, I could get behind that last theory…but the other two theories?  C’mon people…put down the pipe!

Well it turns out this massive chicken is real…and it’s not that uncommon.  Poultry enthusiasts say that the bird is a Brahma chicken.   

I know…crazy right?!?  Who would have thought there is such a thing as a “poultry enthusiast!” 

The Brahma chicken is called the "King of all poultry," and they were bred in the U.S. from huge chickens imported from China.

Female Brahma chickens can grow up to 14 pounds, while the males can reach 18 pounds.