Migs Blog: Hurling Proposal!

March 6, 2017

I’ve shared the story on air of how awful of a job I did at proposing to my wife.  If you haven’t heard…long story short, I froze…panicked…got overwhelmed with the moment…and at the moment that I was going to get on a knee and share my love to her…all I could do was hand the unopened ring box to her as I muttered, “HERE!

Seriously, that was it… “HERE!”  I know, I am a true romantic.

I remember sharing this story with comic Sarah Colonna, and she then retold this story on her podcast and summed it up best by saying that I delivered a “caveman proposal”.

That being said, I at least didn’t hurl right after handing over the ring like this dude. 

This guy wins the award for the most impressive wedding proposal ever.  On paper it was a great idea…take a plane tour…have a sign set up that asks her to marry you…and as you fly by that sign, surprise her with a ring. 

What he didn’t factor into this scenario…that he would get motion sickness (coupled with nerves I bet), and would just puke up in the air.

Sucks for him, but I thank him for making me feel like I wasn’t the only dude to have my nerves get the best of me!

Lesson learned…when proposing…always have a barf-bag handy!