Migs Blog: I Lost A Bet (Again)!

February 15, 2017

Sometimes in life you lose a bet…and for me, it seems like that happens a lot.  And it always seems to happen on my friends wrestling podcast, Jobbing Out

Jobbing Out is my favorite wrestling podcast, and it’s hosted by my buds: Glenn Clark, Aaron Oster, and AJ Francis (AJ played for the Seahawks a couple seasons ago…and is now on the Washington Redskins).  From time to time I go on to make picks for upcoming Pay Per Views in the WWE…and they always have it so that the loser has to do something embarrassing. 

A few months back, I lost (shocking), and had to rock the Alexa Bliss “Harley Quinn” inspired make up.

Well this time I lost again (shocking), and the bet was that the losers had to sing Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”.  Why that song?  Well, a great indie wrestler, Grado,  comes out to that song and it fires up the crowd…check it out:

So in life I truly believe that no matter what you do, do it to the best of your abilities.  Sure I could have “sang” the Madonna song over a karaoke track, or even done it reluctantly….but bets are supposed to be fun, and what fun is that?

So I enlisted my buds in SUPERFEKTA, and I delivered on the bet.  Is it good?  Absolutely not…but here you go…me “singing” Madonna!

It looks like I got their seal of approval...


Check out the full episode of the Migs Cast with SUPERFEKTA right HERE.

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