Migs Blog: Jake "The Snake...err...The Cub Fan" Roberts!

November 2, 2016

Tonight is game 7 of the World Series…and even if you are a marginal baseball fan, you have to agree that this has been a damn good series so far.  So much drama…two teams that haven’t won a World Series since many of us have been alive…and now it’s down to one more game.  Winner take all.  I’m feeling like the momentum swing is in the Cubs favor, but they have to crack the pitching seal that has been Corey Kluber and Andrew Miller.

One thing that the Cubs have going for them is Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  Yes…I have found a way to bring this all back to wrestling…too bad!  Jake posted this great rally video…

Man, Jake is still great when in “promo mode”.

Apparently Charlie Sheen is upset with the Indians.  If you don’t know… Charlie played an iconic role in a movie back in the day.  It was a movie called major League, and it was based on a terrible Indians team that turns it around over the course of the season – it’s a funny movie, and Charlie plays a great character… Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn.  Many people wanted Charlie to throw out the first pitch in one of the games, but it didn’t happen…which hey…based on the actions of Charlie over the years, I don’t necessarily blame Cleveland for opting not to do it.

In the middle of last night's game, Charlie Tweeted, quote, "Whoever is idiotically guilty of preventing me from throwing out the first pitch, in any of these home games, well, jus sayin'…7-1, Top of the 5th."

Charlie realizes that he really didn't play for the tea, right?  Plus...I guess he's a Reds fan, so the Indians are NOT even his team.  Unreal, haha.  

Charlie recently put out a rally video for the Indians…but I have to say, it PALES in comparison to what Jake “The Snake” Roberts did!