Migs Blog: Jim Breuer Rocks!

August 5, 2016

All weekend it’s Dude It’s The 80’s on the rock…you will hear Ratt, Van Halen, Ozzy, G N R…all the great bands.  One guy that I am sure would be listening all weekend if he was in town is comedian Jim Breuer.

Jim is hands down my favorite comic…when he comes to town, my wife and I always go see him.  Jim is one of the best story tellers, and whenever I see him my face actually hurts from laughing out loud.

If you are a fellow fan of Jim’s, you know that he is a huge fan of 80’s era hard rock and metal… and Jim put together an awesome band that is wearing their 80’s influence on their sleeve and it’s AWESOME. Plus…Jim has some serious pipes…he is a great singer!

The record is called “Songs From The Garage” by Jim Breuer and The Loud & Rowdy, and it’s available now. We had a chance to chat with Jim yesterday about the record, and it was a fun chat.

My favorite song from the record is called “Old School”…I feel like Jim and I grew up with the same passion and love for these bands that he name checks in the song…

Another great song from the record is “Thrash” … the Anthrax super fan in me is geeking out over the vibe of this song!

This song is going to get you pumped if you are a fan of AC/DC…the song is called “Mr. Rock & Roll”, and Brian Johnson of AC/DC fame joins Jim on vocals!

If you love 80’s era rock, I am certain you will love Jim’s record.  Get it wherever you buy your music…or get it HERE