Migs Blog: Jimmy Kimmel breaks It Down!

February 28, 2017

I’m sure you know all about what happened at the Oscars on Sunday…when the wrong movie was awarded the best picture Oscar. I’m not even a fan of watching the Academy Awards…I never see the movies that are nominated, hell…I don’t even know what 80% of the movies that are featured on the Oscars are about.  Bunch of boring…artsy fartsy films if you ask me.

That being said…I found great humor in the chaos of the screw up.  Some people are getting WAY too worked up about it.  It’s entertainment business people…let’s not take these blunders too serious.  Nobody was hurt. 

It’s not like someone went into a doctor to fix a broken arm, and when you wake up you are missing your wiener.  That is a mess up worth getting upset about…not some stupid card being read wrong for some stupid awards show.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy broke down what happened at the Oscars…as he was the host.  This is a fun watch!

Jimmy nailed it in that clip when he said, “ I’m standing there like an idiot feeling bad for these guys…but also trying really hard not to laugh!”

Speaking of Jimmy… if you didn’t see the bit he did at the Oscars, where he pulled a prank on some people, you missed out on a great prank!  Jimmy had people that thought they were going on a tour of a celebrity wax museum…only to be surprised that they were at the Oscars.  Check it out… Phil from Chicago RULES!