Migs Blog: Keg Stands At Center Ice

October 3, 2016

So last Friday was a bittersweet day for many of us south end hockey players.  Puget Sound Hockey Center, AKA “The Meat Locker”, called it a day over the weekend after being around for 24 years.  You can read all about it HERE, long story short – they have a new building owner that is not renewing their lease…so they are moving to a new building in the next year.

This rink has been my home away from home for the past 7 years, and I have made some incredible lifelong friends while there.

So on the last day we decided to go out in true Donkey style…by bringing a keg into the locker room, and doing keg stands at center ice. 

We put together a video re-cap of our day spent at the Meat locker on Friday…enjoy…

They have a Go Fund Me page set up, as they are raising money to build the new rink into a really nice spot.  In addition to having men’s league games, they have a great kids program…which is going to be affected by this, so if you can donate (or share) please click on this link.