Migs Blog: The Last Internationale!

May 23, 2016

Saturday night was an awesome night!  I got to see my favorite band perform live, The Last Internationale, at The Crocodile!  These guys are so damn good live…all three of them play their hearts out on stage, and it was so captivating to watch them.

They played some of my favorite songs off of their record “We Will reign” – which if you haven’t picked up, DO SO!  The record is powerful, musically and lyrically.  They also played some new songs…which if the few new songs are any indication of what their next record is going to sound like…it’s going to be a massive album.  I wish I had all the money in the world, as I would have begged them to go to a recording studio right after their show and record those songs, as I can’t get them out of my head!

Huge thanks to Edgey, Delila, and Fern from the band, as they spent some time on stage giving me some love, which was one of the most humbling and cool things that anyone has ever said about me.  Coming from a band that I dig and respect as much as them, that meant a lot!

On Friday, they swung by the station for an interview and to perform some songs… if you missed it, click HERE to check it out.  

They performed a couple new songs…here is “Modern Man”:

I love this performance, we convinced their drummer Fern to add some makeshift drums…he used Edgey’s guitar case, and a toy tambourine that I have in my office….and it was beyond cool!  Here is their song “Hard Times”:

Here they are playing a song off of “We Will Reign” – I love this song so much, it’s “Wanted Man”:

Got to check out a Sounders match with Thee Ted Smith, Ryan Castle, Miles, Thrill, Taryn Daly, and Sgt. Hairclub…basically I went to a sounders match with everyone from work…

Thanks to Ted for taking me, as the seats were awesome!

While there, Ted and I got to enjoy some of the Men’s Room Sausage at the Uli’s Sausage stand…