Migs Blog: Lebron The Wrasslin' Fan!

June 21, 2016

Ok, Lebron James is my new hero.  I have always liked Lebron, but for several reason he is becoming one of my favorite athletes.  First off, it seems like everyone wants to see him fail...and when he has “failed” (because making it to the finals every year consitutes as "failing" in the eyes of idiots), everyone takes great joy in it…which I think is stupid.  So the fact that he was able to help his team overcome the odds, and the negativity, and win a championship makes me love the dude even more. 

But what has truly cemented it is that he is a wrestling fan…and he wore it on his sleeve during the finals.  As I have mentioned before…him and I have the same Undertaker shirt…

And yesterday, Lebron arrived to Cleveland wearing the greatest shirt to wear ever.  Not only was he repping one of my all time favorite wrasslers, but what a statement to make…

Get it?  They beat the Golden State Warriors… Lebron is The Ultimate Warrior.

If you were wondering where he gets these shirts… an awesome shirt company, Homage , makes them.  Hell, I just ordered this Ultimate Warrior shirt last night…it looks like they paid homage (pun intended) to Lebron by making it in the Cavs colors.