Migs Blog: Lighten Up

July 19, 2016

I just need to get this off my chest.

At what point in life have we lost our sense of humor when it comes to politics?  Maybe we never had one, but with the advent of social media and immediate communication it’s more apparent that we don’t have one.

 Are we so married to whatever political party that we can’t laugh at the ridiculous moments from said party?

This is not a slight on republicans or democrats…this is a slight on anyone that is so extremely invested in the donkey or elephant that they can’t have a chuckle at their expense.  I’m not saying that this is dividing our country, but in a round a bout way, it kind of is!

Case in point…

Last night, Melania Trump was the main speaker at the Republican National Convention, and it looks like part of her speech was “inspired” from Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic convention in 2008. 

When I read this story last night…I thought that this was going to be a stretch, but when I heard it…I was blown away.  I wasn’t “outraged” or “angered”…I just thought it was hilarious.  It’s almost like a SNL skit, it’s do similar at times that all I could do was laugh.  Check it out…

I mention SNL because when I grew up, that is what I was accustomed to…they goofed on whoever was the President, funny is funny…I wouldn’t get upset because they had the nerve to make fun of him.

So we play that audio this morning, and I even prefaced it with “put aside your political beliefs and just recognize how insanely close these speeches are”….but of course as soon as we start having a little fun, we get texts like these:


Texts like this make me not want to read our texts.  It’s an ignorant attitude to get your panties in a bunch over this.  Thankfully most can take a joke, but the vocal minority is causing a major divide in the political process. 

I don’t consider myself a liberal or a conservative.  I believe in what my gut tells me.  Sometimes that makes my thoughts lean right, and sometimes it makes my thoughts lean left.  There is no political party that will dictate my emotions or opinions.

Don't be afraid to laugh, people. It's OK to poke fun at your own political party…it doesn't make you any less of a supporter.