Migs Blog: Lio Rush!

July 21, 2017

I’m no fortune teller…but if I was to make a prediction in the world of wrestling, I’m telling you this is the year of Lio Rush.

Lio is only 22 years old…and has done pretty much everything on the indie circuit…from wrestling at CZW, Evolve, Ring Of Honor, and hell…even locally for Defy Wrestling.

Every match that Lio is involved in is memorable…in fact, his match at a past Defy Wrestling event was what many felt (including me) the best match that they have seen live.  That match was vs. Shane Strickland, who is the current Defy Wrestling Champ. You can check out their first match here…

They are having a rematch on August 3rd at Tacoma’s Temple Theater…get tix and more info at DefyWrestling.com.

Lio also had a memorable match against Davey Richards back in May…and he came out in his Black Heart Character, which was awesome!  You can watch that here…

Lio is rumored to have signed with the WWE, and I am certain that he will be the talk of the wrestling world once the WWE Universe gets a look at his in ring action!

I bring up all of this up, as I had a chance to chat with Lio on my wrestling podcast, “Migs vs. The World Of Wrestling”.  Even if you are not a wrestling fan…I think you will find great inspiration in Lio’s story.  Lio has found great success through many of life hurdles…and is proof that if you have belief in yourself and block out the negativity (and bust your ass)…you can find success in whatever your passion is!

Check out my chat with Lio….