Migs Blog: London Bridge Studio

September 28, 2016

Yesterday I got to do something that I could only describe as: Incredible, Mind Blowing, Special, and Completely Ridiculous.

If you listen to our show, and know our game Beat Migs…you have heard the Beat Migs song that we play.  It’s basically me singing (badly) over Pearl Jam’s cover of the Dead Boys song “Sonic Reducer”.  My version is so poorly produced that you heard Eddie singing “Sonic Reducer” under me as I’m singing.

I’ve always wanted to re-record it, and this came up on a past episode of the Migs Cast, which now features Glenn Cannon of Windowpane as a member of the Migs Cast.  Glenn and I come up with a crazy idea of the guys in Windowpane recording the song, and me singing over it…and Glenn had the awesome idea to record this where they recorded their last record, at London Bridge Studios.

What is London Bridge Studios? 

Well…if you are like me and a fan of the bands that came out of Seattle back in the early 90’s, this studio is legendary.  Bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and Mother Love Bone all recorded their records at London Bridge.

So the idea of recording at London Bridge has always been a lifelong dream of mine.  However in my dream, I would be playing the drums…and definitely not singing.  So the fact that I am getting to record where all of my favorite bands have recorded is why I describe this as “Incredible, Mind Blowing, and Special”…and the fact that I am going to sing where Eddie, Andy, Layne, and Chris once sang is why I describe it as “COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS”!

Just walking into London Bridge is an unreal feeling…the aura of greatness fills the halls as you immediately see the framed gold or platinum records of the bands that truly shaped my teen years….bands that to this day are still my favorites.

I have to say, the absolute coolest part was getting to see and touch the piano that Andrew Wood played on “Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns”…

Mother Love Bone’s “Apple” is one of my all-time favorite records, and to be in the same area where it was recorded was something I really can’t put into words.  Oh, yeah…this same piano was used for Pearl Jam’s song, “Black”.   

The recording process was so much fun.  The boys in Windowpane just came in and crushed it.  They sounded fierce, and hearing them lay down the tracks was a blast.  I cannot thank Glenn, Tony, Mark, and Sean enough for being a part of this.

We were beyond fortunate to be able to work with producer (and part owner of London Bridge), Jonathan Plum.  Jonathan is not only one super cool fella, but he has been working at the studio since he was 20…and was there to record and work with all of the bands I have mentioned earlier.  His stories were incredible, and it was a blast just chatting with him and hearing what it was like to work with Jerry and Layne from AIC as they were working on “Dirt”. 

Here are some more pictures we took while there…also, huge thanks to London Bridge Studio’s other owners, Eric Lilavois and Geoff Ott…it was super cool that they popped in to see how the recording was going. 

If you are in a band and thought there is no way I could record at London Bridge…stop thinking like that.  Seriously…book some time there and go record.  I think you will soon understand what I am saying that there is a special vibe that exists when you are in this studio.  Go to LondonBridgeStudio.com for more info!

Oh…if you are wondering when you will hear this recording…it will be soon!  Once it gets mixed we will start playing it…which could be later this week or early next week.  Here is a taste of what we did (this is just me recording video of us listening to it)…but trust me, there is even more to the song now, and it’s awesome!

Don’t forget to catch Windowpane for my big birthday celebration at Studio 7 on October 8th, along with Ten Miles Wide, Klover Jane, Superfekta, Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage, and Mach Society.  We are going to perform the Beat Migs song live that night!  Get tickets HERE!