Migs Blog: Lost A Bet..Alexa Migs!

October 18, 2016

So my buds do an awesome podcast about wrestling called “Jobbing Out”.  It’s available on iTUNES, or just go to this LINK.

The show is hosted by Glenn Clark, Aaron Oster, and AJ Francis.  AJ was a member of the Seattle Seahawks last year…and is currently on the Washington Redskins.  I got to hang with AJ at Wrestlemania in Dallas last year (along with Aaron) and we had a blast drinking with old school wrestlers like the Nasty Boys, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, and many others.

I was on a recent episode of Jobbing out, where we all made predictions for what was going to happen at the WWE’s No Mercy Pay per View.  You can listen to that episode HERE

I love that on their podcast that they step up the drama to making picks…they wager crazy wrestling themed bets, and this time around…the loser would have to rock the Alexa Bliss (Harley Quinn inspired) make-up.

Well..if you listened to the episode I was on, I stated that if I lost…I would put the make-up on for my picture during our morning show.  And dang it, I lost (with Aaron losing as well).  You can hear their reaction to me losing on this episode HERE.

Well..I am a man of my word, and this morning while we discussed the bet…I was rocking the Alexa Bliss look. 

Ladies & gents…here I am… Alexa Migs!

I have to say...I'm not stoked that I had to do this, but the fact that Alexa Bliss already noticed it and retweeted it makes it all worth it!  This is awesome!