Migs Blog: Man In The Red Sweater!

October 11, 2016

Ken Bone has become the internet darling all because of the debates.  At first I was not really feeling this, because I felt like people were being jack asses and goofing on the dude…but then I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel, and I am glad for this dude as he seems to be having a great time with his new found “fame”.

If you aren’t familiar with Ken, he’s the dude that asked a question about energy policy and fossil fuels during the presidential debates. He was wearing a red sweater over a white shirt and a white tie, and this outfit blew up the internet.

Soon after that, many TV outlets were having him on, CNN was one of them, and I love how he told them how he ended up deciding to wear that sweater.  He said it was his backup plan, because he had wanted to wear a suit …but he split the seat of his pants while he was getting into his car. 

Then he was on Jimmy Kimmel, and not only did he share that story…but he had some hilarious answers to Jimmy’s questions. 


The Ken Bone look is now becoming a popular costume for Halloween this year, apparently that sweater is selling like crazy…but the best part of all of this is that of course he has been hit up to be in a porn.   After all he does have the best last name for it!


100 grand to do it?!? Damn!  I love that they called it “The Bone Zone”!

Massive props to Ken, as his self deprecating humor about all of this noteriety is just awesome…