Migs Blog: Man vs. Kangaroo?!?

December 6, 2016

My buddy Monson and I were having lunch at The Hard Luck in Parkland yesterday (awesome bar foot… I suggest getting their Meatball Sub if you ever go…or the soup, which is always on point), and he showed me the greatest video.

The video is of a man protecting his best friend…his dog!  The guy is an Australian zookeeper , and he was on a hunting trip in the outback when he saw that the kangaroo had his dog in a headlock.  That visual, as ridiculous as it is, had to be terrifying!

So the guy then squared up with the kangaroo as they both put their “dukes” up, and it looked like we were about to have a boxing match between the two.   The guy then just clocked the kangaroo in the face…and the reaction of the kangaroo was one of complete shock.  Check it out…

It looks like the kangaroo is fine, and I don’t blame the dude for protecting his dog!