Migs Blog: Matt Cross Rules!

January 12, 2017

Last night Thee Ted Smith and I had a very special guest on the MegaCast.  As you might know (if you regularly read my blog I am certain you know), I am going to be the host and ring announcer for Defy Wrestling on Friday night.  I can’t believe this is finally going down tomorrow night.  You can read all about it HERE.

One of the guys I am most excited to see wrestle is Matt Cross.  Matt is “Son Of havoc” on Lucha Underground.  Last night Matt got off the plane from Cleveland, his home town, and made his first stop in the Northwest at our radio station for an interview.

The interview was INCREDIBLE.  I figured it would be a fun chat, but it exceeded all of my expectations.  Not only was it fun (as Matt said, “Fun is contagious”), but it was inspiring, thought provoking, and just plain interesting.

Matt shared an unreal story of wrestling at a prison a few years ago…yes, the prisoners were the audience for that match!  He also talked about his experience doing American Ninja Warrior, and he shared the best story about how his Grandma once got involved in one of his matches!

Seriously, even if you aren’t a wrasslin’ fan, I think you will enjoy listening to what Matt has to say.

You can listen to the interview on this week’s MegaCast … available on iTUNES or right HERE (Matt joins us at the 21 minute mark).

Get tix and info for Defy Wrestling at DefyWrestling.com!