Migs Blog: Metallica - The Children's Band

November 17, 2016

If you haven’t done so yet…check out Ryan Castle’s blog about Metallica, as he has posted all of the videos off of Metallica’s new record, “Hardwired…To Self Destruct”.  Click HERE to check it out. 

Their record comes out on Friday, but yesterday they started posting a new video every 2 hours…yes, the band made a video for every song on the record!

This morning I got to check out the new album… and damn Metallica…you did not disappoint.  This is what I have been hoping to hear from a Metallica record for years now.  It’s way better than Deth Magnetic, and I dug that record. 

If I had to compare…it’s almost like a mix between the Black Album, Load, and …And Justice For All.  There is the craziness and strange song structure from …And Justice For All, and the bluesy groove of the Black Album and Load. 

I’m absolutely loving how James voice sounds, the drumming is on point, Robert’s bass style really pops on this effort, and I smile every time Kirk hits that wah wah on the solos!

Last night Metallica were on Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy had them join the Roots for something cool that he does with musical acts from time to time… they all got together to play “Enter Sandman”, but did it with classroom instruments.

This made my morning when I watched it… enjoy!