Migs Blog: Metallica Tonight!

August 9, 2017

Tonight is Metallica…and I am so damn excited.

I am also terrified!

Why is that?  I have been asked to go on stage in welcome the crowd at Century Link Field tonight. 

I have been lucky to do stage announcements throughout my career…some in tiny venues, and some in big venues (like the Gorge)…but to be on Metallica’s stage…at Century Link Field?!?  Oh man…my stomach is in knots just typing this.

Plus to make it even more overwhelming…my bud Aaron, who works with Metallica, sent me this picture to give me an idea of what my view will look like (this is from their show in San Diego).

If you are going to the show…I would love you forever if you could take a pic of me while I am on stage.  Feel free to tag me on Twitter (@ImSteveMigs), post to my Facebook, or email me Steve@KISW.com.

This is a huge deal for me…all I can think about is being a young kid…my brother came home with “Kill Em’ All” on vinyl…and I instantly became a fan of Metallica.  Throughout my years of loving this band…if you told me that one day I would be on the stage that they will be playing on to introduce them…in a stadium where my favorite team plays…I would laugh you out of the room. 

Hope to see you at the show!