Migs Blog: On The Mic At 321 Battle!

May 8, 2017

Friday night I got to be a part of 321 Battle…as I was a part of the commentary team with my man, Cody Von Whistler!

I was filling in for the Burien Fury, Murray Grande.  I love what Cody & Murray do at the 321 Battle shows, so it was a blast to be a part of it, and I had to show some love for Murray while he was not there!

It was great to meet Billy The Fridge, and thank you for the introduction (thanks also to Myron from the Streamer Club for posting this)!

There were many highlights from the night…a couple of thoughts…

First off… I would like to welcome the newest member of the Lulu Club (my pups club)… EDDIE VAN GLAM.  Eddie has become a great bud, and at 321 Battle, he let the Battle Palace know that he is “Lu Sweet”!

As you can tell... I was very excited to see Eddie!

No thanks to the Hell Fire Club for what they did to me.  Moments after Sarian from the HFC defeated my man, Cole Crazy, for the Solid Steel Championship… I made the terrible error in judgement and decided that I should go talk to Sarian, Steve West, and Sage…and those guys decided to “celebrate” the win by including me in a champagne shower.  As you can see...I wasn’t a willing participant!

Check out the video of the champagne shower...Thanks to Dan lammers for posting this "fun" moment!

The Legion Of Gloom are so awesome to watch…they retained their tag team title on Friday night!

As much as I love watching the L.O.G. – I can’t wait for the time that they defent their title against Tommy Lawless & Asis No Warranty, AKA… “The Hustle & The Muscle”… that will be an epic battle!

Even though he told me to “shut up”… “The Black Sheep” Dave Turner is quickly becoming one of my favorite wrestlers.  If you get a chance to see him live… do so!  The dude is a monster in the ring, and so much fun to watch!

It’s always fun watching Jack The Snack in the ring, thanks for the sweet shirt as well!

There were so many more great moments from the night… I had so much fun being a goof on the mic with Cody…and I can’t wait to make it out to more 321 Battle shows!

Massive thanks to Vitz Photos for the pictures… Check out his Facebook page HERE.

Also…to read a great write up about the night, and to see more awesome photos…check out Sam Grahn’s post HERE.