Migs Blog: MigsCast ReCap!

May 24, 2017

This week on the MigsCast we recap my trip to Vegas…if you read yesterday’s blog you can read all about how I loved going to Cirque Du Soliel’s “The Beatles Love”…but we went to another show while we were there, Britney Spears.

I’m sure some are wondering why I went to see Britney Spears… well we went to celebrate my wife’s birthday, and Britney is her favorite artist.  I have to say… Britney puts on an incredible show.  Some awesome lights, a great backing band, fun dancers…and watching Britney up close was pretty damn cool.  Sure she is lip syncing…but with all the dancing and moving going on in the show, I wouldn’t want to hear her attempt to sing while so out of breath!

Sitting 3 rows from the front of the catwalk was pretty sweet!

Our seats did not stink for the #BritneySpears show! #Vegas @britneyspears

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This moment with a video version of Will I Am…was my favorite part… I am a sucker for crazy lights and lasers afterall!


Also during the MigsCast, Glenn Cannon talked about Thrill’s “spill”…it happened at the New Originals show on Saturday night…as they were rocking out to Man In The Box… Thrill “gracefully” fell into Ryan Castle while playing the drums.  You can see it all happen here….

Thrill joined us on the cast to talk about it… click HERE to listen to this week’s MigsCast!

Plus this week’s MigsCast illustrates why we have the BEST listeners, as we jokingly put out a challenge…and 4 listeners actually did it!  Let’s just say that what they did was EPIC!