Migs Blog: Migs...The Action Movie Star!

June 14, 2017

A while back I got to be a part of a fun project that involved a couple former Seahawks, a rapper, and me…and we got to shoot some guns, and save a baby!  

It was a video for  Down Range Baby – they make tactical baby diaper bags, and what better way to promote these bags than to have former Seattle Seahawks players Joe Tafoya & Jordan Babineaux, rapper Xola Malik (also known as Kid Sensation), and me involved in a gun fight with some bad guys! 

This was such a fun experience…as you can tell in the video I have a tough time staying in character…then again…maybe my character finds great happiness in dangerous situations (I couldn’t stop smiling throughout it haha)!

Big thanks to my friend Lori Pacchiano for including me in this!