Migs Blog: More PoGo Insanity!

July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go is getting beyond insane.  I promise, this will be my last blog about it…but I wanted to share a fun video that The Rev, Uncle Chris, and Danny V. from our show did.  They hit the streets to play Pokemon Go…

How popular is this game?  Pokemon Go already has more active users every day than some of the more popular apps, including Tinder, Snapchat, and Instagram…and it's about to pass Twitter.  It’s already the most downloaded app, and the top grossing!  Let’s not forget…this came out last week!

Finally, for those that sign in with their Google accounmt…you might want to fix your settings.  It turns out when you install Pokemon Go, you give it full access to your Google account, including all your emails and documents.  You can turn that off by going to security.google.com and clicking "Connected Apps and Sites."