Migs Blog: Mother Love Bone

November 18, 2016

This weekend is a HUGE weekend for me…as I will be going to the Temple Of The Dog show on Sunday night.  It takes a lot for me to be willing to stay out late on a Sunday…and this is definitely a great reason to do so.

Temple Of The Dog’s only record is one of my all time favorite records, and the fact that I can finally see them perform these songs live is leaving me with an insane amount of excitement.

I’m so pumped for this that when they did their warm up show for this tour in Philadelphia a few weeks back…I watched the entire concert through the eyes of someone’s cell phone, as they posted it on Periscope.  I had goose bumps the minute they started playing some Mother Love Bone songs. 

If you don’t know the back story of the band… Temple Of The Dog was formed as a tribute to the late, great, Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone. 

Chris Cornell and Andy were friends and roommates at one time, and Stone & Jeff of Pearl Jam were in Mother Love Bone.  Temple Of The Dog is a line from a MLB song, “Man Of Golden Words”. 

So it makes all the sense in the world that they would cover some MLB songs… I have to say, as excited as I am to see them perform TOTD songs… I am WAY more excited to hear some Mother Love Bone live. 

Just watching some of the bootleg footage and seeing Stone and Jeff playing MLB live is incredible.  Sunday night is going to be a powerful night of music.

If last Monday’s show in LA is any indication…we are all about to witness an amazing set!

Speaking of Mother Love Bone.  I HIGHLY recommend picking up their new box set.  I got the vinyl set…not only does it include their records, Shine and Apple…but the booklet alone is worth the price of the box set (which you can get HERE).  Looking through the pictures, I was tripping when I came across a picture of Andrew Wood sitting in front of a piano at London Bridge Studios.  This was the piano that he used for many of the songs they recorded; including the intro to “Chloe Dancer” (hell Pearl Jam used that same piano for “Black”). 

When I went to London Bridge Studios to record the Beat Migs song a few months ago (read about my experience HERE), I took a picture in front of that piano…and so when I saw the pic of Andy and the piano, it was crazy to see that we posed pretty much the exact same way in front of it!