Migs Blog: Mr. Fitness!

February 7, 2017

Last night I was watching RAW, and something really awesome happened for the local wrasslin’ scene!

RAW was in Portland, and I saw on some buds social media posts that they were heading to Portland to work for the WWE in some capacity.  The WWE will hire local talent in the city that they are in to possibly be used (as extras in something…more often than not playing security if needed, and in some instances they are used in the ring).

Today, the four of us head down to Portland Oregon to work for WWE. We were hired on as extra talent for RAW in Portland, and Smackdown in Seattle. I am so incredibly excited and thankful. Mostly, I am beyond thrilled that I get to share this experience with three of my best friends. It's go time. <3 * * * * #WWE #NXT #CWC #205Live #RAW #Smackdown #WWENetwork #Portland #PDX #PNW #Seattle #Washington #Oregon #Bellingham #Prowrestling #ProfessionalWrestling #BuddysBoys4Life

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They didn’t know how they would be used, so last night came as a huge surprise for many when we saw dudes that we watch wrestle in town... in the ring... to take on Braun Strowman!!

Massive props to my bud Mr. Fitness (the dude in the green trunks)…I can’t imagine it felt good having a massive human like Braun slam him down like that!  Also props to Carl “The Catch” Cunningham, and Nick Radford! I’ve seen these guys wrestle at 3-2-1 Battle and Defy Wrestling…so it was damn cool to see them on display with the WWE!

You gotta love the internet..as they are already internet famous!

Speaking of local wrestling…you can support these guys and other guys like them that are grinding it out in the local scene and always putting on entertaining matches. 

This Friday at Evolv Fitness is 3-2-1 Battle.  They are so much fun…if you have never been, GO!

And yesterday tickets went on sale for Defy2… I’m the host/ring announcer, and a bunch of great indie stars will be there (Davey Richards, Penta 0M, Shane Strickland, Lio Rush, Su Yung, Jeff Cobb, and more to be announced).  It’s happening April 7th, and you can get tix at www.DefyWrestling.com