Migs Blog: My Bud Ted

July 26, 2016

This blog is about giving props to one of my closest buds.  You know him.  You love him… Thee Ted Smith.

Ted and I have been buds since we started working together, and over the years we have had many fun life experiences (might I suggest you listen to episode 44 of his podcast, Thee Podcast, for an example of the insane times we’ve had), and we have been there for each other through some dark periods.  He truly is a brother to me, hell he was one of my groomsmen at my wedding.

Why am I blogging about him?  Because I am very proud of the dude…as he stepped out of his comfort zone and did stand-up comedy on Sunday night.  A great local comic, Tyler Smith (no relation to Ted), hosts a recurring evening of comedy called The Dope Show at the Tacoma Comedy Club.

The premise is simple.  A handful of comics go on stage and do a 5 or so minute set of comedy, then Tyler does a set…and while he is on stage, the comics are elsewhere getting reefed up and then they come back on stage to attempt to do comedy.  Some of the com ics are stoners, others are not…which is the best part, as you witness some hilarious stuff as they try and get through their set, while stones, in front of a packed crowd.

All of the comics were hilarious…and Ted knocked it out of the park, and I am glad I was there to support him.  Ted went out of his comfort zone (talking on a mic in a studio is WAY different than talking on a stage and trying to make a room laugh), and did a great job. 

I am sure Ted and I will go more into detail about his night of comedy on this week’s episode of The MegaCast…which we will record and post tomorrow afternoon.  If you haven’t checked out our podcast…it’s available on iTUNES or HERE.