Migs Blog: My Temple Of The Dog Experience!

November 21, 2016

I apologize if this blog is even more scatterbrained than usual.  I am running on fumes, as I went to the Temple Of The Dog show last night.  The show ended a little after midnight, and I didn’t get home and in bed until 1am…only to wake up 2 hours later at 3am for work (I slept in, usually I get up around 2:15am). 

Even though that was a long night…it was 100% worth it.  That was one of the most amazing nights of music I have ever attended. 

It was awesome getting to meet up with many of my KISW family for the night…which definitely added to how much fun it was.

The show was perfect… from the minimal stage set up, to their song selection…everything about last night was perfect.

Yes, this was a Temple Of The Dog show…but it was more of a tribute to the 5 men on stage…it felt like these guys were paying tribute and respect to the music all of them have created (separately or together) over the last 30 or so years…and a few covers that highlighted all of their musical talents!

The highlight for me was the Mother Love Bone covers of course…

As much as I loved the MLB songs… I think I was most blown away by how they turned Chris Cornell’s solo song, “Seasons”, into a trippy full band arrangement.  Man, Matt Cameron makes everything even more awesome when he lays down the drums.

Another highlight was “Four Walled World”… I can’t find them performing it online from last night’s show (yet), but here they are performing it from the Philly show…

Even though I am working on 2 hours of sleep…If I had a chance to do it all again tonight… I would 100% do it!

Huge props to Iron Mike Savoia, as he took some incredible pictures from the show (way better than my cell phone pix haha):