Migs Blog: New Fave Baseball Player

June 16, 2016

I think I found my new favorite baseball player.  Oh…yes…if you were wondering that young lad in the pic above is me!

Who is my new favorite player…it’s not a Mariner, my bud Ted Smith will be glad to hear that it’s a Washington National: Jayson Werth.

First off, Jayson has some sick flow!  AQs a bald man, I am very envious of his locks!

But the main reason why is how he handles live TV interviews and critics!  Jayson has been dealing with many people criticizing his play, as he is 37 years old and he hasn’t had a great start to the season.  It doesn’t help that back in 2011 he signed a deal for seven years and $126 million.

Well he has been having a good week so far.  On Sunday he had a game winning hit…and yesterday he had another game winning hit and he gave a great message to his critics during the post game interview that was not only heard in the stadium, but also live on TV.

It seems like Jayson likes to have fun with that Nationals reporter, Dan Kolko. One time during an interview with him, he decided to work a quote from the movie Mean Girls into the interview. There was a scene in Mean Girls where Santa Claus comes into the classroom and says this…

Here is Jayson with reporter Dan Kolko, where Jayson uses that line…