Migs Blog: A New Look!

October 19, 2016

I am very excited...our podcast, The Migs Cast, has a new logo.  I felt like it was time to freshen it up as we have used this one for a while now…

The new logo is AWESOME, and further confirms my obsession with the Bitmoji App.  If you haven’t checked out Bitmoji, you can make yourself into an emoj…and it has so many ridiculous emojis that you won’t even need to communicate with anything but that.  I have to thank my bud AJ Francis for turning me on to this…recently we were texting and he used it, and then explained to me what it was. Now, that’s the only way we text with each other…here is an example of our chats…

Yes it’s silly…but maybe we need more silliness in this world…Bitmoji needs a deep thought, pass the bong emoji!  My wife and her friends are hooked on it as well.  I know the app has been around for a while…but it’s new to me dammit!

Ok, so because of that app…I screwed around with it and made Bitmoji’s for the Migs Cast – one of me, the Rev, and Glenn Cannon:

Then I sent it to my bud Chris Dahl, who has designed a lot of awesome graphics for the podcast and the BJ & Migs morning show…and he presented to me something that I loved so much that I instantly turned it into the new logo for the podcast!

Hell..we even have a Metallica themed version too….please Lars, don’t sue us!

If you haven’t checked out the Migs Cast…please check it out…we chat about how to stay positive despite the negative crap all of us encounter in life…plus with Glenn on the cast (Glenn is the frontman for Windowpane)…we get a fun peek inside the local music scene…not to mention he is full of awesome words of wisdom!  Click HERE to check it out, or look us up on iTUNES.

This week, we played an awesome metal version of the Rocky song “Eye Of The Tiger”.  There is a guy named Leo Moracchioli that takes non-metal songs and does amazing versions of them…You want a good pick me up? Check this one out!

I am a huge Twenty One Pilots fan, and I LOVE his version of the song “Stressed Out”…

He also did “Heathens”…another great Twenty One Pilots song.  This dude ROCKS!

Check out his You Tube channel HERE to listen to more of his stuff!