MIGS BLOG: The New Originals Return!

February 23, 2017

Last night we got the band back together!  That’s right…the “World’s Worst Cover Band”, The New Originals are back performing (poorly) your favorite songs…and you can catch us on Saturday, March 4th at Studio 7. Get tix and info HERE.

It’s been a while since we have played…and for those that don’t know who The New Originals are…the band features Ryan Castle and myself on drums…Thrill on bass…Thee Ted Smith on vocals for some of the songs…in addition to some of the most talented local musicians playing in the Seattle music scene (Glenn from Windowpane, Kyyle from Superfekta, Doc from Dead Vampires, and a couple awesome singers Joie & Jenn).

Last night was our first practice…and we haven’t played these songs in forever, so we went to Facebook Live to give you a glimpse into our first attempts at playing these songs again for the first time in a while!

Here we are playing Fight For Your Right…and attempting to play Song #2 by Blur.  I say attempting because apparently I did some speed before starting that song…I guess I wanted to find a way to make a 2 minute song even shorter!

Here we are trying to play War Pigs! 

If you are wondering what was on my head… I figured if one wants to bang his head…one should wear a very heavy armor helmet!  In case you were wondering…yes, it’s a terrible idea to try and wear a 10 pound helmet on your head while playing a 6 minute song!