Migs Blog: New Wrestling Podcast!

June 2, 2017

I know this will come as a huge shock, but I am a HUGE wrestling fan!  For many years I have been asked why I don’t do a wrestling podcast, hell…the original plan of The Migs Cast was for it to be a loosely based wrestling show…but over time it morphed into something completely different.

There are a ton of great wrestling podcasts out there (The Art Of Wrestling, Jobbing Out, On The Heels Wrestling Podcast, Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, etc), and I love them…so I felt for the longest time I didn’t need to.  Recently (with my involvement with Defy Wrestling) I have had access to many of the best indie wrestling stars, and I have been able to chat with those guys when they come to town…guys like Cody Rhodes, Moose, matt Cross, and more…and the one thing I quickly realized is that I loved just shooting the poop with them.  Wrestlers are some of the most interesting and fascinating people I have met… I think their lifestyle of travelling so much leads to them having great stories to share. 

So I have decided to jump into the wrestling podcast world.  One thing my podcast will NOT be, is a podcast that craps on wrestling… I know many wrestling fans like to do that, but that is not me.  What my podcast will be…is me just getting to learn about and talk to some of the people that bring me great entertainment.

I present to you… MIGS vs THE WORLD OF WRESTLING!

The intro for my podcast alone makes me excited to do it!

My first episode features The King Of Dong Style, Joey Ryan…and Johnny Mundo from Lucha Underground (AKA John Morrison).  Massive thanks to Jim Perry from Defy Wrestling (catch me at Defy as I am the host/ring announcer) for bringing these guys to town!

Listen to the episode HERE!

Also…there is a video of my interview with Joey out there!