Migs Blog: Nostril Tunes

December 2, 2016

This morning we played some audio of a kid that can play the trumpet and the recorder with his nostrils.  Yes, I am certain his parents hate him when he goes to his room to “practice”.

Check it out…

At first I was impressed...hell, we even got this text…

“That is the stupidest and most amazing talent I've ever seen wow this is gold!!!”

But… I then started to question how real it is, it seems impossible that someone could pull this off!  We got a lot of texts from people that agreed with me…

“It is fake because in order to play trumpet you need to buzz your lips which you can't do with a nostril”

“Trumpets require a TON of air to make a sound, there's no way it could be played via nostril”

“You wouldn't be able to play a trumpet with your nostril because you need your lips pressed together to get that sound”

That being said… I too can play instruments with my nostrils…and I’m not going to play something simple like “When The Saints Come Marching In”…I’m putting my nose to work…with a little SLAYER!