Migs Blog: Pain In The Grass Rocked!

August 22, 2016

All of us are hurting today…and I am sure many of you are as well, as we are suffering from a Pain In The Grass hangover.

For me…it was all about Anthrax.  Anthrax has been one of the most important bands in my world ever since my brother got me the “Among The Living” cassette as a kid.  I obsessively listened to that record (and all of their records) over and over.  The music of Anthrax was the soundtrack of me growing up…and due to many odd reasons, I have never seen them live.  I have had tickets to see them, opportunities to see them, but it always fell through.  Yesterday I finally saw them live.

The morning started off in full Anthrax mode, as I was jamming out to their new record at about 8 am!

No joke, their record “For All Kings” is the album of the year!  It’s crazy how these guys have been doing it for 35 or so years, and they are still putting out great music and sounding fresher than ever!

Here are some pix I grabbed from their performance…

My favorite song off their new record is a song called “Monster At The End”, and it sounded awesome live!

They played a bunch of their classics… Caught In A Mosh, Anti Social, Got The Time, and it was great hearing Madhouse…

Not only did I get to see Anthrax live, but I got to interview them…and meet them, and that did not suck!

It was cool meeting all of them, but hands down the coolest dude in Anthrax is bassist Frank Bello.  Plus he wrote me back on Twitter, which makes him even cooler!

Other highlights included seeing Windowpane perform in the backstage BBQ…

It’s always great running into our Rock Girls…

Speaking of the Rock Girls…thanks to the folks at Uli’s Sausage for this tweet…haha!

Yes, if you are wondering if that is my pup Lulu on my shirt…it is!

Thanks again to everyone that came out…we had a blast hanging with all of you!!