Migs Blog: Pearl Jam Fans Will LOVE This!

April 10, 2017

If you are a massive Pearl Jam fan like me…the video I am about to share with you is seriously going to make your day.

On Friday, Pearl Jam were inducted into the Hall Of Fame…everything about the ceremony was awesome.  Letterman did a phenominal job inducting them…the band had great speaches…and of course they sounded great performing songs like "Alive", "Betterman", "Given To Fly"…and then they helped end the night with a great version of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In the Free World” along with members of Rush and Journey!  This was a nice touch as Neil Young was supposed to induct Pearl jam, but wansn’t able to make it due to an illness.

The highlight though was when they played “Alive”, as they had their original drummer, Dave Krusen, play with them.  Look…I LOVE every drummer that the band has had over the years…they are all incredible.  However, if I had to pick a favorite… Dave Krusen is my pick…I just love the swing in his playing on Ten. 

To see him back behind the kit must have been a surreal experience for him…I know for me, as a fan, it took me to goose bumps city.  Watching this makes me so happy…

If you want to watch a (bootleg) version of the entire Pearl Jam induction ceremony…check it out here (or wait until April 29th, as it will air on HBO)…

Massive props to Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam... he wore a shirt that listed all of the bands that he feels should be in the HOF, and I agree 100% with him...especially one of the first bands listed, Faith No More.