Migs Blog: Pearl Jam Pop-Up Shop!

May 2, 2017

Yesterday Danny V. and I grabbed some lunch in West Seattle at the Matador.  I love eating at that place, awesome food…but I have to say my reasons for wanting to venture to West Seattle was a selfish one, as across the street from the Matador is Easy Street Records.

Easy Street just did something really cool in honor of Pearl Jam going into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame…they set up a Pearl Jam pop-up shop. 

This pop-up shop is awesome!  It has a bunch of Pearl Jam vinyl (some rare stuff included in that), t-shirts, hats, books, etc…if you are a fan of Pearl jam…you have to check it out.  One warning, your wallet will get a little lighter after visiting the shop.  I could have gone broke while in there…as I purchased a hat and some vinyl!

My only dilemma was the Pearl Jam hat I found there...I LOVE the hat, but it was made to commemorate their show at Fenway Park, so it has a Red Sox logo on it.  I am not a fan of the BoSox one bit...but the hat is so damn cool that I ended up saying screw it, and bought it!