Migs Blog: Pokemon Go Crazy!

July 11, 2016

This Pokemon Go craze is pure insanity.  If you were in a coma this weekend, or you have successfully found a way to avoid the internet…there is this new phone app game called Pokemon Go that has completely taken the world over.

What is it? It’s a game that allows players to capture, battle, train, and trade virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world.  So now if you see people walking around aimlessly with their phone to their face, they are not texting most likely -- they are playing this game. Hell, we got these texts…

“A friend and I walked just over 8 miles catching Pokémon downtown Saturday! Felt like the whole city was playing.”

“Steve, this Pokemon game is killing me, my girlfriend asked "hey let's go fishing on saturday morning!" So I was stoked, got all our fishing gear and went out to the lake at 5am. While I was fishing she was walking around the lake for 4 HOURS LOOKING for POKEMON! She didn't even put her pole in the water once!.......what really pissed me off was that she caught more POKEMON than I caught FISH! -Richie TD4L”

“I walked 7 miles exploring my neighborhood in order to level up hatch eggs and catch Pokemon yesterday.”

I tried it out…and it is pretty cool…but you won’t find me walking into people or traffic because of this game…

Hell…after that video was shot, I showed the game to my wife on Friday and subsequently deleted it from my phone.  I get why it’s fun, but I don’t see myself ever playing it. 

People are playing this everywhere… cops are asking people to stop wandering in their offices to get “poke-balls” or whatever else you are looking for.

A girl in Wyoming was playing the new game "Pokemon Go" on Friday, but… she found a DEAD BODY instead.  The cops are trying to identify the body and figure out how the guy died.  No word on how many points she got for that discovery. 

This one has to take the cake for PoGo (as the kids call it) insanity…