Migs Blog: Pokemon Prank

July 22, 2016

Is this prank fake?  Maybe.  But this is still funny. A girl on YouTube played a prank on her brother and made him think his Pokemon Go account reset itself, so that he lost all his information. 

What does he do?  He rages…smashes his phone like he is Rob Gronkowski spiking a football…and then drives off without his sister and friend.

Check it out….

Part of me thinks it’s not fake.  Here is why…

A few months back a few of us were in Phoenix for a hockey tournament, and my bud Monson ordered a pizza at around 1:30 in the morning.  The app that he was using on his phone crashed as he was ordering…and he got so pissed that he threw his phone across the room, putting a dent in the wall and breaking his phone.  Sure he could have called the pizza place to see if it went through, but destroying the phone was a better option.  We wound up downloading the app on my phone and logged into his account…only to find out that his order went through just fine.

Now if we were video recording him during this meltdown, I am certain that people would have said it was fake…but sometimes in a fit of rage…breaking innocent gadgets is the way to go.

Speaking of Pokemon Go...look what I found in our office...