Migs Blog: Post-Turkey Day!

November 28, 2016

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I ate like a champ…watched football like a champ…and slept in on Friday like a champ, as I have zero interest in getting up early to take advantage of some Black Friday deals!

There are times that I think it would be fun to go check it out, as I do enjoy chaos…but sleeping in will trump any idea I have more often than not.

Congrats  Washington… you made the national news for being STUPID on Black Friday.  Granted, no one’s hair was ripped out, and thankfully no one was shot or anything crazy like what was happening in other cities…but at the Nike Store in Tulalip…y’all were a bunch of slobs.  People seriously RANSACKED the store…leaving a trail of empty boxes and shoes all over the store.

I love this video circulating of how polite people are in Canada when it comes to Black Friday…

Before you start singing Oh Canada and bragging about being well behaved… our friends up north in Canada had a “winner”… an Adidas store in Vancouver was going to sell a limited-edition shoe on Black Friday, but a fight broke out before they opened the store.  One shirtless guy was in the middle of the crowd, using his belt as a whip to attack people.  Unfortunately he did not Nae Nae (waka waka).

All this insanity makes me think of Bill Burr, and the great rant he had about Black Friday on Conan!