Migs Blog: Poundgarden?

June 20, 2016

Over the weekend I took part in the Draft Tournament in Bremerton.  For those that don’t know what the Draft Tournament is…it’s one of my absolute favorite weekends.  We drink (a lot) on Friday night and draft teams (no one arrives to the tourney with a team), on Saturday we sweat out the hangover by playing 3 games in the afternoon, and then play 2 more on Sunday. 

Our team didn’t fare too well as we only won one game, but all the games were close, and we had a locker room filled with laughs and great stories…and I walked away with several new buds that I can’t wait to see at a future Draft Tournament.  Get info on the Draft Tournaments here, as they travel all over the US and Canada: www.DraftTournament.com

I loved the theme for this tournament, it was Seattle Bands…and they changed em up to have a Hockey relate: Smells Like Team Spirit (Nirvana), Alice In Nets (Alice In Chains), Goon Fighters (Foo Fighters), Puck Jam (Pearl Jam), Screen River (Green River), and Poundgarden (Soundgarden).  The tewam I was on was Poundgarden, and I loved how our jerseys turned out!

As a wrestling fan, I always love it when the wrestling world is embraced by other athletes.  Last night after the Cavs shocked the world and helped me win a bet for breakfast with BJ by winning the NBA Championships…Kevin Love showed some, uh, love for Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Not only was he rocking an Austin 3:16 shirt, but he drank his beers like how steve would!

I wonder if he was bummed that he missed the Money In The Bank Pay Per View…oh wait, probably not as he was too busy winning a championship for Cleveland for the first time in 52 years!

I saw something funny this morning that merges basketball with wrasslin... Joey Ryan posted this.  Joey is the guy that beats people with his...well..dong power, and he shared this on his Twitter...