Migs Blog: Rave & Wrasslin'

August 18, 2016

I am of course a true rocker at heart…but I can’t lie, I will always love the electronic music…I am a big fan of the EDM world.  Mainly because I enjoy crazy lights, lasers, heavy bass, etc. 

#SeahawksRave haha

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I also love wrestling.  So I was watching Smackdown, and the 2 worlds “collided”, in the most awesome way possible!

WWE Superstar Naomi has always been one of my favorites, of all of the wrestlers I have interviewed…she was truly one of the nicest and coolest!

Recently I wasn’t too keen on her being a “heel” (a bad girl)…she is way too likeable to be on the bad side!  So when she came out as a good girl (I feel weird and creepy  typing bad girl and good girl haha), I was stoked…and when she came out with her new EDM inspired entrance, holy crap I was geeking out.  This is AWESOME.  Check it out:

This is one of the best entrances in wrestling right now.  I would say it’s right up their with Finn Balor, and Enzo & Cass’s entrance!

Here is Finn’s entrance:

Here is Enzo & Cass’s: