Migs Blog: Relax Please!

June 7, 2016

Today was a valuable lesson for me… no matter how cute, harmless, or funny a video is…people will flex their miserable muscles…and I will then get sucked into an abyss of no productivity!  What am I talking about?  This…

Cute kid, saying funny things.  Yet, the angry internet idiots of course have to go online and find something wrong with this. 

This was my favorite of all of the comments I came across…

Gia: Maybe if he showed his sons what his loving wife is like, they would want a wonderful wife like their mom. Instead ; this BS protector business as if it's the mans job? No. Women are way better protectors in life. Men only step up in danger, moms step up .....every. Day.

Gia…please… SHUT UP!  Enjoy the damn video.  Do you just hate life?  At least have some fun with your comments…like Jacob, who wrote: “How about teach that boy to chew with his mouth closed? Lol. All that damn chomping.

Bryan also had a little fun, writing, “feel bad for this poor kid. What kind of crappy microwaved pizza are they feeding him. His parents should be ashamed.”

I guess the moral of the story is to stop looking for any reason to spew miserable energy for others to consume. Especially when it’s just a silly video of a dad having fun with his son.  Sometimes keep that soap box that you like to stand on in storage, I’m gonna get off my soap box right now.