Migs Blog: The Rev on The Wheel Of Fortune!

May 31, 2016

Ahhh man… huge props to The Rev!  He fulfilled his dream of being on The Wheel Of Fortune, and it was so cool seeing him on it last night…but MAN…the wheel was not his friend!

A. He nearly won a million dollars! The letter “N” will forever haunt him.

B. He landed on bankrupt while on a good run for prizes.

C. He landed on Bankrupt AGAIN!

At the end of the day, at least the Rev didn’t say this while talking to Pat…

Now I love this video for so many reason, but it does tie back to The Rev, as this dude looks like The Rev’s brother!  The Libertarian Party had its convention over the weekend.  A guy named James Weeks was running for party chairman, and he stripped down to a THONG during his speech…he then said it was a dare, and he dropped out.

Talk about a mic drop!  Ok, maybe not the right guy for a political party…but if we are talking about a party party…well, then he has my vote as I want to party with this dude!