Migs Blog: Revenge On A Bully!

October 7, 2016

Bullies Suck.  It’s a mantra for our radio station, and I love hearing stories like this one.

Brandon Weiss is a club DJ that performs under the stage name Kasum, and last night he was performing at a popular nightclub in New York City.

The club is called Marquee, and many A List Celebs are often spotted there. Guys like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Durant, and other well known celebs are spotted there, so of course many people want to go there with hopes of running into these celebrities.

So I would imagine it’s a tough place to get into, and for Brandon some old friends were coming out of the woodwork to get free tickets…as well as some old bullies from his middle school days.

Yes, someone who bullied him messaged Brandon out of the blue to get the hook up.  Screw that guy. 

Props to Brandon on how he handled this request.  He shared a screen shot of their exchange:

Atta boy Brandon! 

Oh…one more thing...

This is unrelated, but yes…if you are staring at the pic I used for this blog…and you look past Vicky giving me a “noogie”…that is BJ giving his daughter, Sara, a back rub in the background.  That was completely random…welcome to our odd world y’all.