Migs Blog: Ric Flair Did What...With Who?!?

October 4, 2016

In the world of wrestling, obviously everything is exaggerated…which is why I take this with a grain of salt!

I’m sure everyone reading this knows who Ric Flair is. 

Even if you have never watched a lick of wrestling, you are aware of the “limousine riding, jet flyin’, son of a gun”…the man was a master on the microphone!

Ric was known for bragging about taking the ladies for a ride on Space Mountain.  No, not the Disneyland ride that I love so much that I own the Space Mountain T-Shirt, this is his euphemism for “grappling” with ladies in the bed room…and apparently there have been some celebrities that have taken a ride with Ric on Space Mountain.

Ric has his own podcast called "The Ric Flair Show", and on a recent episode, he was asked if any celebrities had ridden Space Mountain.  He said…"Oh gosh, several dozen”…and then he just name checks Halle Berry!  Here is the audio...

Halle and David Justice, the baseball player, were divorced in 1997. ..and Ric says that he hooked up with her after they broke up. Flair is 67 now, so he would have been in his late 40s at the time.  Halle is 50, so she would have been in her early 30s.

I find this to be ridiculous!  I don’t believe it, but I can’t lie that there is a glimmer of “what if” popping in my head.  I just can’t see Halle going to Ric as a rebound, but crazier things have happened. 

I do have a ridiculous theory.  Many atheletes in all sports quote Ric’s promo’s, and are HUGE wrestling fans.  What if…and it’s a big WHAT IF…David Justice was a big fan of the Nature Boy, and Halle saw “Natch” as the ultimate revenge sex.  Did she “beat the man” by getting with “the man”?