Migs Blog: RIP Chris.

May 18, 2017

Man…this is devastating.  I honestly have no words.  Rest in peace Chris…you will be missed and thank you for all of the great music that has helped me, and I know many others.

This morning I summed up his loss with an odd analogy… If Seattle music was the mafia, Chris would be the Godfather.  He was what brought all of the bands together…watch Pearl Jam’s documentary “Twenty” if you want to fully understand that.

I was very lucky to have met Chris…one of my favorite experiences ever was going backstage to interview him.  I think you can tell in this picture from my body language that I was a giddy music geek standing next to Chris.

Here is the interview that I did with Chris…

I think you can tell how fun, interesting, engaging of a man that he was.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris’s family and friends.