Migs Blog: Seattle International Auto Show

November 11, 2016

Yesterday I got to do something extremely cool... I (along with some awesome Rock-A-Holics) got to check out the Seattle International Auto Show before they opened up the doors. 

As soon as the doors opened the Century Link Field Event Center started filling up... so getting the opportunity to walk around and pretty much have the entire car show to ourselves was awesome.  

I got to see some insanely cool cars... selfishly I was stoked to see the Jeep Renegade in person, as I have seen them on commercials and online and the Jeep lover in me is thinking maybe one day that will replace my Jeep Wrangler.  In person it's even cooler...being able to actually get in the car has only made me more of a fan of it.  

But there is still part of me that is leaning towards getting another Wrangler (a little less green though)....

As a Seahawks fan, I approve of this!

I know this is crazy... especially when I was able to check out all kinds of cars...some that cost well over 6 figures…but of all the cars I was most excited to sit in…the Smart Car was my favorite!  

I also got to meet one of the KIA hamsters!

Here are some other cool cars that I saw while there!

For more info about the Seattle International Auto Show (it's happening all weekend) go to: SeattleAutoShow.com

While I was there, I whipped up a video of my experience…check it out!