Migs Blog: Seattle Rock Day

April 4, 2017

Today is Seattle Rock Day, and all day we will be playing the music from the northwest.  I also call Seattle Rock Day… “My favorite day at KISW”…well my second favorite day, my favorite day is when Matt, our engineer, brings donuts to work.

In addition to hearing your favorite Seattle bands, I am sure you will hear (and read on Social Media) our favorite memories when it comes to the Seattle music scene.

For me…the music that came out of the northwest means EVERYTHING!  If I had to pick one era as my all time favorite eras of music…it would be the early 90’s, when the world took notice of bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and more. 

But there was one band that I took notice of…fell in love with…and in a way is the main reason why I moved to Seattle back in 1997.

That band is MUDHONEY.

Mudhoney meant everything to me… when I was a kid I started reading about this “Seattle music scene” in all of the music magazines that I read.  It was impossible to find some of these records in stores in New York (it’s crazy to think there was a time that we couldn’t just download or stream a record immediately), so I ended up subscribing to a catalog by record labels like Sub Pop and C/Z records, and I would buy CD’s that way.  One of the first records I bought was Mudhoney’s debut records, and the second it arrived in the mail and I popped it in my CD player, I was hooked…thanks to the song “This Gift”.

Now if you were wondering why Mudhoney had something to do with me moving here…well, throughout high school and college, I wanted nothing more than to see them play live.  They barely toured to where I was, so I never had a chance to see them.  So when I was on the fence about moving to Seattle after graduating college, one of the main reasons I ended up making the move was because I would finally be able to see one of my favorite bands.

I know that sounds silly, but I love that band that much…plus I was 22 and didn’t have a care in the world, so why not!  Not to mention I NEEDED to see them play “Let It Slide” live!

So fast forward to me moving to Seattle… that month I moved out here I picked up The Rocket, and looked through their show listings…and Mudhoney was playing at The Showbox!


I purchased a ticket.  I had no friends at the time so I was going to go solo (my buds that I moved out here didn’t have any interest in buying a ticket…we were dirt broke at this time after our cross country pilgrimage to the 206).  The night of the show, I jumped into my 81’ Chevy Malibu Classic Station Wagon (that ride was a TANK, I miss that vehicle)…and as I got onto I-5 from where we were living in Broadview…the transmission on my powder blue wagon blew, and the fastest it would go was about 35 MPH.  My first thought was, “There is no WAY in hell that I’m missing Mudhoney”, so I puttered along on I-5 (sorry to all those drivers 20 years ago that were stuck behind me)… and I had to push my car into a parking spot, as it wouldn’t go in reverse. 

I then ran to the Showbox, and within a few minutes…Mudhoney was on stage, I was in the pit, and as I was having my mind blown to their songs…I knew at that moment that Seattle is my new home.