Migs Blog: Shane Strickland!

June 23, 2017

I’ve been lucky to get to chat with a lot of my favorite wrestlers recently on my new podcast, Migs vs. The World Of Wrestling, and on the most recent episodes I got to chat with another favorite of mine, and I guy that I am glad to call a bud…the International King Of Swerve…Tacoma’s own, Shane Strickland. 

You can see Shane on Lucha Underground (he is “Killshot”, and you can see him next week at Defy Wrestling.  Defy “Gigantic” is happening on June 29th in Tacoma at the Temple Theater, and June 30th at Washington Hall in Seattle.  Get tickets and info at DefyWrestling.com.

Shane and I chat about how he has been gaining a reputation for putting on great matches wherever he goes (if you have a chance, watch Shane vs Lio Rush from Defy 2 – available at DefyOnDemand.com), his involvement with the WWE’s video game (Shane does the motion capture stuff for many of the WWE Superstars), and what non-wrestling stuff inspires him.

Check out my chat with Shane HERE!


Speaking of Defy…huge thanks to Moose for repping our Defy shirt on TV for IMPACT Wrestling!