Migs Blog: Shane Strickland - Killshot!

November 10, 2016

Last week I was able to interview someone that I am a big fan of…pro-wrestler, Shane Strickland.

Shane is an independent wrestler that you can see on TV…as he plays “Killshot” on Lucha Underground.  If you haven’t watched Lucha Underground, you are missing out on a very cool and unique style of wrestling.  It has an (no pun intended) underground feel with how gritty it is…and it’s more of a TV show than solely a wrestling promotion…if that makes sense.  They focus on storylines, and very cool cinematic scenes (it doesn’t hurt to have film director Robert Rodriguez involved, as it’s on his TV network – El Rey), but they also have some awesome in-ring action.

I love the characters on the show, and the way they give you a back story on them… here is their video package they made on Shane’s character…

Shane is from Tacoma Washington… I love his T-Shirt as it reps the 253 – in case you were wondering,  I bought this at ProWrestlingTees.com!

Shane was recently in town to meet with some local wrestlers, and to announce that he will be wrestling in Seattle on January 13th against Cody Rhodes! 


This is going to be awesome…and I am going to be a part of it as well.  I’m not wrestling (thank goodness haha), but I will be the ring announcer and host for DEFY Wrestling’s first show --  DEFY 1!  huge thanks to James from DEFY for bringing Shane in!

Tickets aren’t on sale yet…but soon enough there will be info at DefyWrestling.com.

It was a blast chatting with Shane about his career…and you can listen to it HERE!  

During my interview with Shane, we chat in detail about an insane match that he had with Marty The Moth on Lucha underground a few weeks ago.  It was called the “Weapons of Mass Destruction Match”, and it’s an INSANE match…check it out!