Migs Blog: A Special Baseball Moment

September 27, 2016

Many times in sports there are moments that feel like they were completely made for a film. They're called “movie script endings”, and last night was definitely one of them.

Look… I’m no uber sports nerd, I’m just a big fan of watching most sports due to the competitive spirit. I don't pay attention to the x’s & o’s… and every little stat that people throw out there.

What I love about sports is the pure emotion. The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat…however, what happened last night, transcended all of that.

If you don't know by now Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident a couple of days ago. He was their ace pitcher, and from all accounts sounded like an incredible person that his teammates loved. 

After news came out about his passing, the Marlins cancelled their next game to grieve.  Yesterday was their first game since his death, and how they handled it was pure class.

First off, everyone on his team wore his name and number (16) on the back of their jerseys for the game.  That’s right…not just during batting practice or warm-ups, during the entire game.  The Marlins also announced that they will be retiring his number.

The team then surrounded the pitcher’s mound before the game (Jose was scheduled to pitch yesterday), and they all wrote in the dirt his number…

The most emotional part of this was during the game.  Dee Gordon was first at bat…and he took the first pitch batting right-handed, imitating Fernandez’s stance, as well as wearing Jose’s batting helmet.  He then switched to his natural left-handed stance, and hit his first home run of the season.  Incredible.  Truly incredible.

Huge props to the Mets, who are battling to make the playoffs, andf even though they needed to win the game (the Marlins wound up winmning), they were all class when they tweeted this out after that home run…

After the game, the team gathered around the mound and showed their respect one more time…

I really have no words for this…truly a special moment for a group of men that sadly had to say goodbye to a friend and a teammate.